The books answer some burning questions:

Question: Does the milk have to be raw?

Answer: It should be. Click here for more information.

Question: How much milk do I have to drink?

Answer: At least a gallon and as many as two according to Dr. Porter. Macfadden recommends less milk consumption for weight loss. See the free web version of Macfadden’s book.

Question: Will I lose weight on the milk diet?

Answer: It depends on how you structure the diet. Macfadden used the milk diet to treat obesity. Read about it in the free web version of his book.

Question: What’s the white stuff on my tongue?

Answer: Good question. They’re not real sure, but it happens in some people on the milk diet and Doctor Porter says it is not cause for concern.

Question: Will I poop on a milk diet?

Answer: Absolutely.

Here’s what Doctor Porter says:
In the case of a patient commencing the milk diet and taking about six quarts, should diarrhea occur and continue for more than thirty-six hours, with passages loose, sour or greenish, or containing small undigested curds, it is evident that the bowels are unable to digest all the food. The amount, therefore, must be reduced about one-half until solid movements occur only once or twice daily. Too little milk will cause constipation, and then the amount must be increased. I have seen cases where a variation in the daily amount taken, of two glasses, would make the difference between constipation and diarrhea.”

Translation: Too much milk = diarrhea; too little milk = constipation

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